Homphobic remarks by Polish Deputy Speaker Niesiolowski

Deputy Speaker of the Polish Sejm Stefan Niesiolowski (Civil Platform-PO) was in a televised debate on the recent court decision to have a lesbian mother depraved of the custody to her 4 year old daughter.

During the debate, Niesiolowski among other things said:

”The court didn’t bow down to the pressure of the aggressive homosexual community, which came to make a scene as they usually do. I’m very happy about that. What is this, that they dared to have an impact on the verdict? It seems from what the court said the mother was a drug addict and molested the child…”. When he was corrected that she was not accused of molestation he went on “Ok, she didn’t molest but she was addicted to drugs. This community is so compulsive that they tried to influence a court decision. In this case the court clearly stated that the mother’s homosexuality did not play a role.”

“The child’s interest should be most important. It’s unacceptable for her to have two mothers or fathers. If they want to live together then fine. But get the hell away from children”.

Same-sex families are “abnormal”, according to Niesiolowski. “I refuse to agree to this and I’ll fight with the serious pathology which is a pair of lesbians with a child. Not too long ago homosexuals said ‘don’t persecute us’ and now they demand adoption and the right to raise children, and that will never be allowed”.

Niesiolowski stated that he would support a law which would take children away from homosexuals if they “bring in another homosexual to the family and their home becomes a place of permanent deprivation”.

[Source of quotes: "Wara homoseksualistom od dzieci", http://www.tvn24.pl/12690,1552002,wiadomosc.html, June 6, 2008. Translated by Greg Czarnecki]

Warszawa, 4 June 2008

Mr. Bronisław Komorowski
Speaker of the Polish Sejm

Mr. Donald Tusk
Prime Minister

Dear Mr. Speaker, Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

In the name of the members of the Campaign Against Homophobia, a nation-wide organization working for homo-, bi- and transsexual rights, I would like to draw your attention to the unsettling remarks made by Deputy Speaker of the Sejm, MP Stefan Niesiołowski.

On June 2 on a TVN24 television show Speaker Niesiołowski was asked to comment on a recent decision by the Wroclaw family court in which a homosexual woman was not granted full custody of her child. Speaker Niesiołowski replied that he would support a bill taking children away from homosexual people if they “bring in another homosexual and their home is a place of permanent deprivation.”

I would like to underscore that this is not the first time Speaker Stefan Niesiołowski has voiced such opinions. The Speaker Has for a great while now repeatedly made unwarranted attacks on the Polish lesbian and gay community and defy the basic standards of public debate. The Civil Rights Ombudsman has also recently expressed his concern over the hateful and homophobic remarks voiced by someone representing such a high position in the government. Speaker Niesiołowski has yet to reply to the Ombudsman’s letter.

In the opinion of the association I represent, the discriminatory statements of Stefan Niesiołowski are precisely the type of recent homophobic rhetoric voiced by Roman Giertych and Miroslaw Orzechowski of the League of Polish Families which was so abysmally accepted by Polish society and European politicians.
I wish to underline that the issue of parenthood by homosexual people should be a matter of public debate. It must be remembered however that this debate can not violate basic human rights nor the dignity of certain people. We must also bear in mind that whether we like it or not, there are gays and lesbians who have children and are parents in Poland. Unfortunately the discussion In which Speaker Niesiolowski’s remarks are included violate the dignity not only of homosexual people who are parents but also stigmatize children being raised in these families.

Accordingly, I would kindly like to request information (as is stipulated in the law on the Sept. 6, 2001 law on public access to information) as to whether the Council of Ministers or the Sejm is currently working on a bill which would allow for the State to take away the parental rights of homosexual people? I am inclined to believe this is possible due to Deputy Speaker’s publicly stated support for such a bill.

Robert Biedroń
Board President
Campaign Against Homphobia

- dr Janusz Kochanowski – Ombudsman
- Elżbieta Radziszewska – Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment
- Stefan Niesiołowski – Deputy Speaker
- Izabela Jaruga Nowacka – MP
- media

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